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Develop & digitize film

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Get your film roll developed, scanned, and digitized. You can send your roll to us or drop it at our store.

  1. Select the desired service;
  2. Select your type of film (color or BW);
  3. Select your film size;
  4. Set your quantity and pay;
  5. Send your film rolls to us or visit our shop.

    • Scans sent with Dropbox
    • 3 - 5 working day service
    • 35 & 120 film processing
  • We audit every scan for the best result

  • Color rolls: 3 - 5 working days
  • Black & White: 5 - 10 working days

  • Our standard scan resolution is perfect for digital use and small-size prints (13 x 18 mm), scanner: Imagus IM1500 Pro;
  • In addition to the use mentioned above, our premium scan resolution (up to 2750 × 4000 pixels) is also suitable for producing bigger-sized prints, scanner: Noritsu.

It's important to understand that the scan's final result is not solely reliant on scan quality; a significant portion of the outcome is influenced by the exposure settings managed by the photographer. Incorrect exposure settings lead to less pixels and less sharp/clear results.

We aim to supply the best result for you, we don't change the basic dynamics of your photos. If we find out that your film roll is unexposed we will refund 25% of your payment. 

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