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Analogue Creator Workshop

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Join our Analogue Creator Workshop with Ebenezer Ackah (Eber).
Upcoming date: 5 April (12:00 - 15:00)

This workshop is ideal for professionals looking to delve into analogue photography. Whether you're on your own, with a team, or for a brand, Eber will guide you through the whole process, from working with clients to mastering the specifics of film photography production. It's your chance to make your projects stand out with a unique touch.

Our workshop is straightforward and packed with practical advice, designed for those who appreciate the art of analog photography, offering insights into the full range of its process.

The course will be in Dutch or English

  • Meet at Analogue Store
  • Intro
  • Client Approach
  • Treatment
  • Pre-Production
  • On Set
  • Post-Production

  • 3 hours of expert knowledge
  • Free Analogue tee

Welcome to the world of Ebenezer Ackah, a portrait photographer based in Amsterdam. In the field of photography, Eber focuses on crafting and developing creative concepts. Despite his emphasis on capturing portraits, his work is versatile and finds applications in various areas, from personal branding to commercial purposes.

What sets Eber apart is not only his creative vision but also his autodidactic approach. Without formal education, he has shaped and refined himself in the art of analog photography. With a preference for analog techniques and a keen eye for creative originality, he embraces the challenge not only to create images but, above all, tangible memories. Eber invites the viewer to feel the depth and authenticity of his work. Each photo tells a story infused with a profound sense of connection, captured in the most authentic way possible.

  • Prepare topics/questions you would like to cover during the workshop.
  • Pre-Workshop Info:
    You'll get a confirmation email after booking. Please respond with a bit of requested info about yourself.
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