How we test and grade our analogue cameras

1. Visual check

After we acquired a new analogue camera for our shop we visually inspect the camera very carefully. We assess the outer appearance, the lens clarity and the viewvinder.

2. Technical check 

When the visual check is completed we will continue with the technical check of the acquired analogue camera. During the technical check we test the shutter, shutter speed, flash, light/exposure meter and whether the analogue camera properly loads film. Finally we equip the analogue camera with a brand new battery or batteries.

3. Cleaning 

After completing the visual and technical check of the analogue camera we thoroughly clean the camera and make sure that dirt and sticker residues are removed.

4. Grading

Finally, after walking through all of the previous steps, we grade the analogue camera. Our grading normally falls within one of our three grades: mint, gold or silver. If a camera is almost viewed as being one of our grades except for a minor fault, we also grade "near".


For more information about our grades see our condition types page.