Leica Minilux

The supreme compact camera

Leica introduced the Leica Minilux in 1995. A top performing compact camera in a sleek minimal design. Equipped with a f2.4 40mm Leica Summarit lens it can perform in many conditions. Shop now

Auto modes available
Supreme design by Leica

Auto/manual focus
40mm focal length
ƒ/2.4 aperture
6 elements
1 ~ 1/400 shutter
Exposure lock

Not afraid of the dark

The excellent lens puts your subject in focus, even in low light situations. 

Titanium body

No lens distortion


10 second timer

Exposure compensation

Slow flash mode


Full titanium body

For the metalheads

Shot by markhung1712

Shot by Zekun Jiang

Shot on Leica Minilux by slayer

Leica Minilux

From €999