Best film cameras

Finding your way into analog photography? At Analogue we've made a list of the top 7 best analog film cameras that were made in the past. We've rated the film cameras based on quality, durability and ease of use. 

All of the cameras are masterpieces and no matter which one you'll buy from this list, it wont let you down. Your next best film camera in this list.


Camera 1
Olympus mju ii

The point and shoot camera king. This camera is extraordinary small for it's features. Equipped with a f2.8 lens that takes the sharpest photos. This camera is ideal for beginners. Just open the clamshell and shoot. You'll get it when it got developed ;-)

Camera 2
Canon AE-1 Program

This is the go-to SLR when you're going analog. It's robust metal design makes it sturdy and very durable. It has various modes like 'full auto' which was unheard of during it's release.

Shot by @freddyrunaway with an Olympus MJU II

Shot by @erikabernadette on Canon AE-1

Shot by @sydney.hone on Olympus MJU II

Camera 3
Contax T2

The pinnacle of luxury film camera's. Equipped with a Carl Zeiss Sonnar f/2.8 38mm lens. A camera that won't lose it's value. It became trendy over the past few years and therefore increasing in value.

Best film cameras
Camera 4
Yashica T4

Razor sharp images will be made with this compact. Easy to use, firm to the hand. The Yashica T4 will be a nice asset in your analog collection. Don't let the appeture fool you. The developed images are crisp. 

Camera 5
Nikon Fm2a

This camera was found in almost every professional photographers bag. It's relatively small for a SLR and used to be very handy as 2nd camera. 

If you're looking for a good analog camera, try to find one in a higher segment. The camera won't loose it's value and you start off with the right hardware.

Camera 6
Voigtlander Bessa R2M

Incredibly hard to find, the Bessa is a true gem. It's fittings are made to equip leica's finest lenses. Making in a affordable mechanical piece for your leica lens collection.

Shot by @prianalog on Yashica T4

Shot by @ehhyun40 on Nikon FM2a

Shot by @ehhyun40 on Nikon FM2a

Camera 7
Leica Minilux

The all metal Leica Minilux. Another asset in the luxury compact camera collection. Equiped with a Leica Summarit f2.4 lens. Even to this day it feels modern due to it's timeless design.

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